About Us

Zeerr started out as a team with dreams of helping people solve their problems. Now, we are one step ahead to achieving that goal.  A startup freelance medium who aims to provide solutions for various common businesses and consumer problems.

In this information driven era, our goal is to provide the best possible solutions to any entities who happened to have that need to solve their problems in an efficient, quality, and cost effective manner.  Minimizing the cost is one of the best ways to maximize profit especially in a business where sustainability is one of the key to further the success. Zeerr’s main principle is finding ways to make things better.  It is engraved into the depths of our heart that drive and passion to help and add value to businesses and consumers who really needed it the most.

our services

We don’t have much time being distracted by fancy stuffs. Let’s cut you to the chase and check out these awesome services we offer.  Click on any app below to get you started!

An attendance app that focuses on handling your employees daily time record.
An purchasing ordering system app for your business. (Coming soon...)
An awesome hotel management app for your business. (Coming soon...)
we can help you with it.

For your inquiries and business related matters, you can drop us a message below or email us at inquire@zeerr.com.